“Replicant has gone far beyond containment — it’s about actually improving customer experience and cost savings.”

Rob Dunning, Operations Leader, General Insurance

“Replicant was able to meet or exceed our goals across all major metrics, but more importantly our partner restaurants preferred the AI solution.”

George McConnell, Global Operations Manager, Doordash

“With Airkit, we can develop solutions in a shorter time vs. traditional implementation — dream CX by night and make it a reality by morning.” 

Filipe Rodrigues, Manager, Accenture

"Observe.AI is critical for improving compliance and empowering agents with data to improve their performance.”

Paritosh Pathak, Chief Information Officer, Beyond

“Zingtree has been an exceptional help with call times. It’s why Zingtree is worth the funding. We’re dealing with things that need to be expedited and done correctly.”

Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey, Director of Patient Access, Carti

“Zingtree is a very easy, flexible, adaptable tool. It will increase your service levels and reduce costs, easily. It almost feels like magic.”

Brad McDonald, Business Program Manager, Getty Images

“Before Hiya, our agents weren’t able to work with consumers on solutions because they couldn’t reach the consumer. With Hiya’s Branded Call, agents are now able to do what they do best: connect.”

Brian Summerfelt, President and CEO, MetCredit Canada

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