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Your Organization Is Waiting? Be Wise, Not Fearful

By Daniel Pryfogle Oct 31, 2022

You need to dramatically improve your customer experience, but you’re struggling to make the case for action now because the sign over your organization is the same one your customers see: WAIT.

Wait until the economy improves. Wait until the pandemic is over. Wait until the new normal of hybrid work shakes out. Wait until business is more predictable. Wait until there is clarity about the way forward.

But are you actually getting clearer as you wait?

Waiting may be wise or fearful. It depends on how you use the time in between.

Wise waiting is about using the time for inquiry and experimentation.

Use the time to better understand your customers’ journeys. Find out what helps and hinders them along the way.

Run a pilot with a technology solution that gives you greater visibility into those journeys. The business case for a small investment in a short-term experiment is the organization’s need for data and insights that will enable it to plan for the long term.

Use the time to study your processes and figure out how much effort you spend on mundane tasks that could be automated.

Pick one task and run a pilot that automates the workflow. The business case is that you’ll learn how automation improves customer experience and frees your team for more meaningful customer interactions. You’ll also identify other tasks that can be automated, saving the organization time and money.

This is a time of transition. So use the time to figure out how your organization can adapt.

This is a time of uncertainty. So use the time to gain confidence.

When all the signs say WAIT, offer your organization another option: Be wise in waiting.

Daniel Pryfogle integrates the disciplines of leadership and culture formation, organizational development, and marketing. He is the CMO of CX Effect.

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