Location Identity & Authentication

Value Proposition

Journey has developed the world’s first identity network and platform to enable composable, frictionless, and highly secure identity experiences in the contact center. In short, customers can now use the powerful sensors on smart devices to bring digital identity into the voice channel. Journey has pre-integrated best-in-class technologies to request, encrypt, and tokenize any identity proof, authentication, payment, document, biometric, and more to utterly change how customers and employees prove their identity for secure, fast, elegant and privacy-preserving interactions.

Case Study

A top-three bank in the United States with millions of customers takes about one billion calls annually in its contact center. Depending on the purpose of the call, the contact center must verify the caller’s identity, consuming anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds. The customer must openly share their PII over the voice channel, which is uncomfortable on top of being highly insecure. The contact center is the number-one fraud vector, so millions of dollars walk out the door monthly, and integrating new security solutions is a grueling process fraught with failure points because the bank has over 20,000 apps and use cases. Journey was chosen as the onboarding and authentication solution because its identity network and pre-integrated platform work seamlessly with on-premise and cloud solutions across customer touch points and contact center channels (voice, chat, IVR/IVA, agent desktop, and more). The platform can leverage passive, active, biometric, and behavioral data to prove identity to a high degree of veracity in about two seconds, saving millions of dollars, driving huge efficiencies, and creating an elegant and modern customer experience.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do you struggle with compliance for any payment, privacy or security regulations (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, KYC or BSA, for example)?
  2. Do your agents spend more than 30 seconds authenticating callers?
  3. Do you struggle with transitions between contact center channels? For example, do you require customers to authenticate each time they move from IVR to agent or agent to agent?
  4. Do you know when customers enter the contact center from a digital channel and do you have to re-authenticate them?
  5. Do you have agents working from home with sensitive information on their screens?
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