Location CX Orchestration

Value Proposition

AptEdge is an AI-based knowledge orchestration pla"orm that enables 30% faster resolution times, 20% higher customer satisfaction, and 25% more productivity for internal and external support teams.

Case Study

Everbridge provides software applications that accelerate organizations’ response to critical events. Despite the recent challenges for support teams, the company has been able to raise its customer satisfaction numbers. “Our customer satisfaction rates have been 99% ever since we put AptEdge in use,” says Renee Bastine, senior director of customer support at Everbridge. “A big part of the reason is the fact we were able to push out answers to our techs very quickly when issues were presented with workarounds or solutions.” AptEdge helped Everbridge avoid the siloing of knowledge by building workflows into the company’s ticketing process. “That meant we were able to get the answers to our customers quickly and accurately,” Bastine says.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do you offer digital support (i.e., chat, email)?
  2. Does your call center have high ticket volumes?
  3. Are you trying to do more with fewer agents?
  4. Do your agents spend time with more than two data sources (e.g., Salesforce, Zendesk, CCaaS platform, ServiceNow, Jira, Confluence)?
  5. Is there a challenge with escalating standard issues to Tier 2?
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