Location Branded Caller ID

Value Proposition

Hiya is a branded caller ID solution for mobile devices that helps businesses reach more customers and protect their brand from unwanted spam labels by displaying a company name, logo, and call reason on outbound calls, leading to increased answer rates, higher talk times, and a better call reputation for the enterprise.

Case Study

With approximately 200 agents, Penske’s contact center is its hub of customer experience for both inbound phone calls and outbound calls to follow up on inquiries that come in via the company website for consumer rentals. With spam and fraud calls rising 108% year after year, Penske started to notice a decrease in its answer rates, affecting the company’s revenue and contact center productivity. Even though agents followed up with customers who wanted a call, customers didn’t recognize the call and either ignored the company or marked it as spam.

Penske started looking for solutions that would give its call recipients insight into who was calling and why, so that the chance of connecting was significantly increased, and selected Hiya’s complete SaaS solution: branded caller ID, self-service analytics and insights, reputation monitoring, and the ability to prevent imposters from spoofing calls.

By implementing Hiya Connect and being able to add identity to outbound calls with the company name, logo, and call reason, Penske’s answer rates went from 14-17% to 26-33%, accounting for more than a 100% increase. Additionally, Penske was able to get almost 50% more calls answered on the first attempt, allowing the company to reach more prospects faster, decrease the time to convert the leads into customers, and increase call center agent productivity.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Baseline Need: What is the purpose of your outbound calls and what challenges are you facing with your calls not being answered (reputation, unanswered calls, etc.)? 
  2. Variability: Is there any seasonality in your business when call volumes are higher or lower?
  3. Historical Attempts to Remedy: How do you know your calls are unidentified or marked as spam?
  4. Scale: How many outbound calls does your organization make per month?
  5. Voice vs. Other Comms Channels: Are you using other communication methods or ways of servicing customers?


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