Location Flexible Staffing

Value Proposition

Shiftsmart enables companies and government agencies to fractionalize traditional jobs into shifts, unlocking labor supply otherwise unavailable and providing organizations the freedom to flex up or down in real time to meet demand.

Case Study

In March 2020, the U.S. Small Business Administration released information about its emergency disaster recovery programs to people impacted by the coronavirus. The contact centers immediately experienced a 10-20x increase in volume, causing callers to wait up to an hour. In less than 36 hours, Shiftsmart provided the SBA with a tier-1 contact center built to flex with the agency’s unpredictable needs. Shiftsmart staffed 10,000 hours of agent time on the first day of operation to handle the influx of calls from worried small business owners. The team appropriately triaged calls based on question type, complexity, and need for personalization. The SBA had 2,000 agents trained and onboarded in the first 48 hours of launch and eliminated call wait times. Shiftsmart served as a critical supplement to SBA resources that were completely inundated during the worldwide crisis.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Baseline Need: How has the broad labor shortage impacted your business?
  2. Variability: Is labor demand driven by seasonality or other types of volatility, whether predictable or unpredictable?
  3. Historical Attempts to Remedy: How have you attempted to fill these gaps either internally or externally through outsourcing?
  4. Remote-Compatible: What challenges have you experienced in supporting remote, work-from-home agents?
  5. Scale: On a daily/weekly/monthly basis, what types of agent/hour gaps are you trying to fill?
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