Location RPA

Value Proposition

Neostella is a Gold-level services partner and certified license reseller of UiPath’s market-leading robotic process automation platform, which helps companies realize efficiency gains, cost and time savings, and emotional ROI for employees by automating manual, repetitive functions currently handled by humans.

Case Study

Vantage Point Title’s ability to handle increased transaction volume brought on by low mortgage rates was limited by the manual e!ort required to complete many of its processes. The company looked to Neostella for RPA solutions that would make closing disclosures and funding processes less labor-intensive while driving e!iciency and accuracy without changing how Vantage Point does business. The RPA solution Neostella designed focused on using OCR and data scraping to ingest and extract data with 100% accuracy, as well as automating file sharing among o!ices to reduce the time needed to provide title services to clients.

With a tailored UiPath solution, Vantage Point has witnessed improved worker experience through the automation of redundant closing disclosure processes and an increase in application processing speed due to process automation. The result is greater customer satisfaction, overall increased accuracy, and greater speed in processing lending applications, backorders, orders en route, and other metrics.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What manual processes, data entry, or repetitive tasks do di!erent teams in your organization pe"orm regularly? How much time would you estimate is spent doing those tasks?
  2. How do compliance requirements and the need to maintain 100% data accuracy factor into the success of your business? What is the cost of non-compliance or human error?
  3. Does your organization process large amounts of incoming documents that require reading, data extraction, and data entry by your employees? How much time would you estimate is spent on those tasks?
  4. How are your customer service reps impacted by the requirement to use multiple applications or systems? How is navigating among those systems negatively impacting call resolution e!iciency and handle times?
  5. Does your organization manually process large volumes of invoices? How much time and how many people are dedicated to those tasks?
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