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Value Proposition

We power the world’s most amazing customer experiences through AI powered contact center software and business process outsourcing (BPO). Our modular and end-to-end platform works with the technology you already have to automate customer interactions, support agents with intelligent assistants and provide conversational insights into CX and agent performance.

Case Study

The County of Fairfax County, VA launched their Vaccination Call Center in January 2021 with legacy technology and little expertise. They were challenged in hiring and retaining staff resulting in 2 hour wait times. They came to Xaqt in March in 2021 to take over their contact center operations and deploy AI applications to improve caller experience and reduce cost.

  • Reduced Average Handle Time by 73 seconds
  • Automated and deflected 25% of Calls on day one
  • Provided Insights into why people were calling in order to improve County services and communications
  • Transitioned the entire call center operations over to Xaqt within 10 business days
  • Improved response time, customer experience, and reduced operating expense

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How has the broad labor shortage impacted your ability to recruit and retain agents, and what is the impact on your CX?
  2. How much time do agents spend today searching for information while on a call?
  3. How would you categorize your calls in terms of value and complexity? What percentage of calls represent low complexity and what impact would it have if those could be automated?
  4. What key information would you like to learn about the conversations your customers are having with your agents, in terms of their experience, competitive intelligence, and agent performance?
  5. Are there any impending upgrades or end-of-life events with your current call center technology?
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