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Value Proposition

Uptok is a Live Video Commerce platform for B2B and B2C enterprises that enables 1-on-1 video consultations with the highest-intent or highest-value customers right on your website.

Case Study

In November 2022, Just Candy launched a pilot program with Uptok to allow their sales team to get face-to-face with b2b customers who are placing large orders on their site. Due to the personalized nature of the orders, Just Candy was experiencing a high cart abandonment rate. Within the first day, the company received an increase in B2B orders, and their dedicated sales rep was able to support placing large orders for these companies on video chat, real-time, right on the website. Since implementing Uptok they’ve not only seen an improvement in cart abandonment when they are online, but have uncovered additional opportunities to sell to customers through relationship management. Their customers have gone as far as saying “It’s so freaking cool that you get on video”. Just Candy is on their way to better customer satisfaction scores and a higher average order value with the signed Uptok contract.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Baseline need - Do your products/or services need human interactions to sell or serve.
  2. Staffing - Do you have dedicated staff that assists customers over text/phone/scheduled sessions?
  3. Value - is the value of a human conversation already proven to have a positive ROI for your business?
  4. Existing need - Would having a closer / better relationship with your customers increase revenue?
  5. Vision - Do you believe that the best digital experience for your customers will be a human-to-human experience?
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