Location Workforce Management

Value Proposition

Assembled is a support operations platform that helps companies maintain exceptional customer experiences, no matter what lies ahead. Leading brands use Assembled’s workforce and vendor management capabilities to make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into performance and productivity, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs.

Case Study

TaskRabbit is a marketplace business with a mission to transform lives and revolutionize everyday work — one task at a time. The company's support team consists of 200+ agents operating in seven countries across phone, chat, and email channels through Zendesk. Before having Assembled, TaskRabbit's workforce management teams used Playvox to forecast, staff, and monitor. Scheduling and intraday changes were incredibly tedious, and agent states required AUX codes, resulting in inaccuracy and a cumbersome workflow. After implementing Assembled in just two weeks, TaskRabbit was able to make intraday scheduling changes at lightning speed, going from 30 minutes to just 30 seconds. Assembled's seamless, automatic adherence integrated from Zendesk allowed TaskRabbit to capture the highest amount of accuracy for real-time states. No more AUX codes! Agents now feel significantly empowered, and TaskRabbit was able to increase adherence across channels, resulting in $450K in productivity gains.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What is your prior experience with WFM software?
  2. How are your agents currently scheduled and staffed today?
  3. How do you forecast your contact volume?
  4. Can you provide a high-level overview of your support team structure and operations (i.e., number of agents, channels, outsourcing, time zones, specializations, tiers)?
  5. What does your support stack look like (i.e., CRM, CCaaS, HR platform, calendar, internal communications)?
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