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Value Proposition

Evolve IP partners with IT professionals to bring together their essential productivity and communication tools into a single, secure, cloud-based solution, fine-tuned for the hybrid workforce and delivered as a service. Enable IT Departments to do more with less by getting them out of PC, PBX, and VPN business. 

Case Study

U.S. Dermatology Partners, a national dermatology business, with the backing of private equity funding, had embarked on a nationwide practice acquisition strategy. USDP's goal was to provide the growing number of patients with the best doctors available, and physicians with resources to focus on patient care, not office operations and technologies. 

The business' traditional Desktop and computing platform was unable to effectively scale resulting in system failures that negatively affected patient experience and lowered growth and profitability due to missed acquisition projections. USDP chose to replace its traditional platforms with Evolve IP's cloud-based solution leveraging DaaS, IaaS, DRaaS and ITaas.

The positive business outcomes where 1) decreased time to integrate IT at new practices from months to weeks. This has allowed the company to increase the pace of acquisition which has driven top-line growth. 2) New services have improved patient care, reduced cost and driven bottom-line financial improvements. 3) HIPAA / HITRUST compliance - all IT systems leverage the Evolve IP Compliance Cloud. This eliminated up to $4,000 per practice per month incurred by the business when newly acquired practices were unable to be integrated into the existing IT platform quickly. A cumulative $6.45 million saved over 5 years with EvolveIP.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Have you considered using your collaboration tool (MS Teams / Webex) as a replacement for your phone system so you can consolidate voice, video, conferencing, chat, and file sharing?

  2. Do you have a business continuity plan in place to continue operations as usual in the event of a security breach, natural disaster, or geo-political issue?

  3. What is your secure remote work strategy today?

  4. Do you plan on continuing to issue laptops for end users or would you be interested in exploring alternatives?

  5. If you do not currently have a DaaS/VDI solution, are you using a VPN to access applications in the data center? If so, are you having any issues relative to cost, security, or user experience?

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