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Value Proposition

Regal is the outbound phone & SMS software platform for B2C sales teams. Regal's event-based outreach, branded calls and texts, and unified agent desktop enable B2C brands to reach more customers in key moments to drive higher conversion and more sales. 

Case Study

Leading consumer fintech, SoFi, sees 8% lift in student refinancing loan conversion and 21% lift in average loan face value by using Regal Voice to call and text the right members at the right time. SoFI had been a NICE InContact customer, and for customer support the contact center platform was doing what it was designed for. However, it was missing fundamental functionalities that prevented the new VP of performance marketing, who knew how effective phone could be, from implementing his sales motion. His team was not able to test and iterate on calling strategies. The VP also wanted a phone tool that was fully integrated with SoFi's marketing stack, and most importantly to allow for calls and text conversations with customers triggered by their behavioral data. 

In Regal the SoFi team found a built-for-purpose sales tool which allowed them to easily design logic around which customer gets which calls & texts at any given moment. Critically, they were now able to experiment around launching these based on customers' real time actions. Instead of running a CSV and hiving it to a support team to call haphazardly, the SoFi team quickly used Regal to create personalized call tasks for high intent segments of website visitors, who started their student loan refinancing request but ran into blockers. This ensured customers would be reached in real time, when the student loan was top of mind and they had not yet visited competitors. The results of the new treatment were dramatic within a single quarter the answer rate increased by an incredible 66% (from 15% to 25%), which led to a strong 5% lift in overall conversion. 

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do your teams call outbound to leads?
  2. Are you seeing that it's more difficult to get customers to answer?
  3. Are you able to vary your call and text patterns based on real-time online customer behavior?
  4. How many calls an hour can your agents do? Do agents have one place to see all customer history including calls, SMS and CRM info?
  5. Are you doing A/B testing? Do you have the data you need to know which calls or tests or scripts are working better?
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