Location CX Orchestration

Value Proposition

Glia is an interaction platform that enables companies to acquire more leads and increase online conversions through a seamless combination of phone, chat, video, SMS, and co-browsing. With Glia, companies are able to identify high-value website visitors or inbound communication requests and proactively reach out. 

Case Study

Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU) began to explore digital-first options several years ago. The credit union was looking for a better way to support members who move out of the area. HUECU wanted a virtual assistant that could quickly deliver answers for routine, commonly asked questions and also provide after-hours support. It was crucial that the chatbot could easily transition members to a live representative.

Unifying Glia call center and digital customer service, the conversational chatbot 'Ivy' enabled seamless interactions across all channels. And the single member service platform streamlined training, administration, and reporting, delivering significant efficiencies. The results were a 43% increase in total interactions with a 65% decrease in the average wait time. On-screen collaboration, including co-browsing, has been especially helpful for more complex issues, such as reviewing a loan application or helping a member find online resources.

“Moving from our old, linear phone system to Glia’s integrated, holistic interaction platform has allowed us to not only upgrade our call center but add in digital channels and our automated Ivy self-service feature. This has been a game-changer and also sets us up for future solutions to support our members, whether they are local, here in Massachusetts, or have moved out of the area. We are continuously looking for ways to make it easier and more efficient for them,” said Emilio Passariello, HUECU's assistant vice president for support.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What are the biggest challenges you experience when supporting your members or customers online and through your call center?
  2. What customer service channels do you offer your members or customers today? Can a customer or member seamlessly switch between channels when engaging with your call center?
  3. What initiatives are you pursuing to reduce your call times and improve your customer satisfaction ratings?
  4. Could you describe any problems you’re experiencing with online account opening or loan application abandonment? What steps have you taken to resolve these problems and increase deposits and loan applications?
  5. How much time do your agents spend on trivial or low-value support transactions? What steps are you taking to enable engagement on high-value issues?
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