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Value Proposition

Omni Interactions delivers an unmatched flexible, high-quality labor option that allows you to flex up and down based on real-time volume, seasonal demands, or other unique requirements.  

Case Study

In January of 2023, SafeRide Health needed to partner with an outsourced provider of customer support to solve challenges around call volumes. The company was experiencing high-volume hours on Mondays and weekday mornings plus seasonal spikes. Omni launched with 42 remote agents. In less than one month, after launching a new triage queue, the company had an urgent need for more than 300 people. With an active network of more than 75,000 remote workers with healthcare experience, Omni easily filled the shifts, adding over 300 people in just five days.   

Omni effortlessly scales remote workers up and down to meet demand and schedules shifts in 30-minute increments for more accurate forecasting and efficiency. SafeRide Health was impressed that Omni could scale up to meet the company’s call volume in such a short amount of time. “Omni is a true partner. I appreciate their speed to meet our increase in call volumes,” said a senior leader. They flexed from 40 to 300 workers in just five days.”  

In addition to speed and flexibility, Omni’s skilled workers are providing high-quality services to citizens in need. Omni is expanding its footprint to Puerto Rico to support additional delivery needs for SafeRide Health.  

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Challenge: Are you currently struggling with labor shortages in your contact center or other areas of the business? 
  2. Flexibility: Do you need to add more flexibility to the business/contact center on a daily/weekly/seasonal basis?  
  3. Onsite or Remote: Is the need for more flexibility on site (task-based) or can it be done by a remote team? 
  4. Staffing Optimization: Are there certain times of the day/week or tasks that can be done by a fractional worker that would bring more efficiency to the overall delivery of your business?  
  5. Scale: How many hours or people are needed to alleviate the challenge?  
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