Location Branded Caller ID

Value Proposition

Pure CallerID is an outbound engagement platform that drives right party contact, conversion and compliance. 

Case Study

A national healthcare company faced challenges with its outbound efforts. Contact rates were low. And time was wasted with bad leads. With Pure CallerID, the company’s agents experienced maximum productivity, achieving unprecedented outcomes while dialing significantly less due to reaching more viable leads. The contact rate skyrocketed from 9.1% to 16.43%. Wait time fell from 32% to 8%. And agent talk time — essential to meaningful engagement — more than doubled. The company achieved all of this while reducing telephony costs.  

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How many outbound calls do you make each month? What difference would it make if you could ensure that every single call reaches an active user and shows up cleanly on the mobile/landline and SMS front? 
  2. How many brands and how many records (leads) do you call on a month? (Example: company makes 10M outbound calls, but is calling on 4M leads.) 
  3. Are you having issues with your outbound numbers being blocked and spam tagged? 
  4. How do you check compliance for your outbound calls? 
  5. What difference would it make to have more engagement with your customers not only through branded ID but with richer options such as being able to craft a custom SMS response or add one-way messaging campaigns?  
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