Location Automation

Value Proposition

Kustomer is a modern CX platform that integrates third-party systems, enabling support teams to deliver personalized service and enhancing the agent experience.

Case Study

Founded in 2015, Glovo is a leading global on-demand delivery platform based in Barcelona, Spain. The company conducts millions of monthly conversations across 13 languages and three distinct contact types, including customers, couriers, and business partners. Glovo was looking for an AI-powered customer service solution, built to help agents deliver more informative support, boost operational efficiency, and scale as the company grows. Glovo partnered with Kustomer to centralize support operations into a single customer service solution that offers agents the information they need to guarantee great support experiences. The results were significant: 

  • Unified multiple applications into an all-in-one customer service solution that provides agents with the data and context to resolve issues quickly and accurately. 
  • Automatically routed inbound conversations based on native language, contact type, and lifetime order value, ensuring the right agent is always assigned and improving service level attainment by 20%. 
  • Engaged high-value customers in proactive efforts, empowering Glovo’s support team to create repeat business and deflect up to 84% of requests on average while maintaining a high satisfaction rating worldwide.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Are you selling your product or service directly to consumers (B2C or D2C)? 
  2. Is your tech stack disjointed? How many screens do your agents operate from?
  3. How does your company understand the full lifecycle of the customer journey/experience?
  4. How are you leveraging automation and AI to reduce basic inquiries to your contact center?
  5. What are the most common contact reasons from your customers? If we could automate tasks or provide self-service options, how would that impact your business (agent efficiency, lower wait times, higher CSAT, etc.)?
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