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Value Proposition

HiOperator is a tech-augmented customer service outsourcer for digital channels that enables companies to deliver personalized experiences at scale while decreasing costs, increasing productivity, and capturing the voice of the customer to direct product strategy and grow revenue.

Case Study

After launching in 2016, The Athletic quickly rose as a top sports-reporting news source carrying over 1.2 million subscribers. Its contact centers quickly had over a five-week backlog of customer service tickets, were significantly understaffed, and were delivering a low CSAT because of the poor customer experience. In less than two weeks, HiOperator implemented fully managed customer service support and customization at scale to clear the backlog, improve CSAT, decrease total costs (50% by replacing the internal team), and increase the recaptured revenue (increased winning back customers by 8% that wanted to pause/cancel a subscription). HiOperator continues to serve as the digital channel vendor of choice to The Athletic as it grows internationally. “HiOperator has grown from doing our overflow volume to consistently handling more than 90% of our overall contacts. The bottom line is that HiOperator has freed up a lot of our team’s time and greatly improved our level of service.” — Drew F., Head of Customer Service, The Athletic

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Baseline Need: Are you under pressure to cut customer experience costs? (HiOperator can reduce outsourcing costs by 15% or greater.)
  2. Channel Mix: What percentage of your CX volume is voice vs chat vs SMS/email?
  3. Scale: How many customer contacts per month do you receive? (Qualification minimums: 30,000 total digital (email & SMS) contacts a month.)
  4. Technology: What cloud-based system does your CX team use?
  5. Priorities: Do you want your CX team to be on-shore or do you want the lowest price? (HiOperator can provide very low-cost U.S.-based digital customer support as well as near-shore partners to deliver cost-effective solutions.)
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