Location Automation

Value Proposition

Dialpad’s product suite covers full modern business communication needs all powered by Voice Intelligence. Dialpad provides UCaaS & CCaaS in a single application (TruCass), which provides a better end user experience and is easier to manage. The pla!orm can be accessed by any device anywhere and is layered with Ai to help customers learn from every conversation and ultimately provide a better experience.

Case Study

This company of 180 employees had an on-premise business phone system. It needed a solution that could empower its agents and specialists to handle email, chat support, and telephone support. Furthermore, the company needed a contact center solution that could offer these functions wherever employees work and regardless of the devices they use. With the implementation of Dialpad, the company could now take phone calls for all customers, no matter where agents are. Dialpad also brought new insights to the company. The heatmaps feature shows a clear chart of when call volumes peak throughout the day so that the company can adjust its staffing needs. Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence (Vi) enables both admins and agents to leverage insights for training, agent pe#ormance, and overall customer satisfaction.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Reporting/Analytics: What KPIs are important to your organization and how do you track these currently?
  2. Consolidation: How many different applications do you currently have to communicate internally and/or externally?
  3. CC AI ROI: On average, how many calls do your contact center agents handle on a day-to-day basis and how would increasing their productivity 200% impact your organization?
  4. Dialpad Self-Service: What percentage of time would you say your agents handle frequently asked questions and how would implementing a technology that resolves 90% of self-service inquiries affect how you all do business?
  5. AI CSAT: What is your current response rate for CSAT surveys and how would increasing that to 75% affect customer experience?
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