Location Automation

Value Proposition

Our Conversational AI Platform drives value by automating, personalizing, and optimizing every conversation, for any industry, with the best voice accuracy, broadest language coverage, highest degree of productivity of intent and sentiment with the best latency and response times.

Case Study

Nationwide Insurance needed to increase productivity across sales, service, underwriting and processing centers. Uniphore simplified the employee experience by offering each group of employees a role-based unified desktop that brought together tools pertinent to their respective jobs. Time-consuming employee tasks like billing analysis, address changes, and insurance quote lookup were automated using robotic desktop automation. RPA bots were also used to proactively surface relevant knowledge articles and to auto-document key actions taken by the employee to reduce errors and after call work.

Use cases fully automated:

  • Billing Inquiry Analysis
  • Insurance Quote Lookup
  • Knowledge Push
  • Automated Documentation


  • Nationwide was able to automate 72% of manual tasks that was previously the customer service representative’s responsibility
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) reduced by 20% due to the elimination of manual data entry and automated processes
  • Training time for new customer service representatives reduced by 40% going from a month on average to just 2 weeks

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How are you personalizing customer conversations and does your approach scale?
  2. How might sentiment and intent analysis augment your live agent support and self-service options?
  3. How valuable would it be to empower your agents with actionable insights, automated tasks, and notifications – all during live customer interactions?
  4. How are you supporting agents today and do you improve pe!ormance through coaching that is rooted in an analysis of customer interactions?
  5. What progress are you making on first call resolution, average handle times and call wait times?
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