Location Automation

Value Proposition

Talkdesk leverages automation and conversational AI to create a seamless customer journey across channels.

Case Study

Carbon Health was experiencing a massive influx of patients, causing it’s medical clinics to become overwhelmed. Overnight, call volume went from 3,000 calls to 18,000 calls per day — a 500% increase — and the clinic sta! were so busy with patients they couldn’t answer the calls. The legacy software Carbon Health was using limited what they could automate to scale. With Talkdesk CX Cloud, Carbon now has a centralized support it to better distribute calls to the clinics, and answer rates have jumped from 50% to 70% on average due to reduced volume of calls the clinics receive. Talkdesk Phone addresses all of the company’s back-office, hardline phone needs. Once all clinics have fully implemented Talkdesk CX Cloud, Carbon Health plans to leverage AI solutions including Talkdesk Virtual Agent that will help train the system to respond to the individual caller, building a differentiated patient experience.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction and make it a competitive advantage?
  2. What obstacles stand in the way of providing actionable analytics to your contact center leaders?
  3. Are you considering customer self-service options in order to improve e!iciency and lower costs?
  4. What digital channels do you need to address to better engage your customers?
  5. How valuable would it be to reduce agent attrition?
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