Location Automation

Value Proposition

Top revenue teams use Humantic AI's Buyer Intelligence to identify early adopters, help BDRs personalize outreach, and enable their AEs with vital decision-maker insights for every deal.

Case Study

The client is the world’s most valuable financial technology company and a pioneer in the industry. It enables online payments in most countries that support online banking and monetary transactions. The B2B Database Marketing team at the company is responsible for formulating and executing the lead generation and pipeline development strategy for the firm.Understanding potential customers’ buying behavior and personality was recognized as a key element that would provide a competitive advantage to its sales teams. Using Humantic AI, the company was now able to interact with buyers in a significantly more effective way - from cold calls to email drip campaigns, from discovery calls to negotiations. They saw a noticeable improvement of 36% in their time-to-first-engagement, a central KPI in new markets acquisition. Read more here.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Standing out: How are you standing out from the noise in your buyer's inbox (and mind)?
  2. Stuck deals: I know from my own experience that getting stuck deals moving has always been a challenge. Knowing which ones have potential and when it's time to move on.
  3. Inconsistent success: As a sales leader it must be difficult to navigate your top 20% reps bringing in 80% of the revenue. Would you be keen on giving your under performers a competitive edge?
  4. The missing part: There is a lot of tech that helps sales teams be more efficient but we hear from leaders like you that there are very tools that make sellers better at their craft. What's your take?
  5. Scale: What would a 10% increase in response rate mean in terms of revenue impact? Now what about 244%?
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