Location Learning Management

Value Proposition

Bright is a learning experience platform that trains employees in half the time at half the cost using a contact center simulation. Learners get rapid exposure to lifelike scenarios where they face situations and make decisions as they would on the job, quickly building soft skills and accelerating time to proficiency. 

Case Study

TruGreen lawn care company reduced training costs by more than $2 million through eliminating 40+ hours from onboarding time. TruGreen used Bright to deliver content modernization, digitization, and simulations to over 15,000 learners to date, with an emphasis on customer support. Experiences have included bespoke digital lessons, conversation simulations, and Microsoft Dynamics software simulations on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Initial impact metrics for Bright usage focused on reducing onboarding training times in high-turnover divisions. Multiple divisions were able to use digital experiences and simulation-based practice to reduce training time (e.g., 8 weeks to 6; 5 weeks to 3; 4 weeks to 2) with comparable or better learner skill on the other side.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do you have a learning strategy in place?
  2. Do new hires spend a significant portion of their training shadowing others?
  3. What would the impact of shortened training cycle have on operating expenses?
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