Location Automation

Value Proposition

Capacity is a support automation platform that deflects tickets, emails, and phone calls using AI. Capacity optimizes the employee and customer experience with a purpose-built platform to manage interactions within your organization, so you can save minutes and money to strengthen relationships and improve retention.

Case Study

West Community Credit Union's 75 employees serve more than 32,000 members through 11 branch locations. Branch staff members were overwhelmed with website questions, taking time away from serving customers. The credit union needed a reliable self-service support option for its website.

Enter Capacity’s Web Concierge support bot. The bot was created with more than 40 algorithms, so it understands and responds to questions regardless of spelling, industry jargon, and acronyms. The results for the credit union were significant: 40% growth in members requiring no additional support staff and 20% reduction in phone expenses plus a better experience for members, reflected in a 10-point increase in NPS.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What are your most commonly used support channels (web, SMS, phone, email, chat)?
  2. What self-service option do you provide within each of those channels?
  3. What would be the financial impact of a 10% reduction in support inquiries that had to be handled by a team member?
  4. How do you provide real-time information to your agents while they interact with customers?
  5. What redundant processes or tasks do your support teams manage today that you would like to automate?
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