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When Your Bot Is Not Up to the Task

Customers are motivated to use self-service tools. They want to get things done — quickly. But if the tool can’t provide the right information, customers are frustrated. When your bot is not up to the task, you need an assistant that leverages generative AI plus your company’s knowledge and data to deliver accurate, personalized answers — like a human agent, or better. Enter Quiq. The conversational CX platform deploys AI assistants that excel at comprehending human language and understanding nuances in questions. And if the assistant can’t answer the question, Quiq’s AI-powered digital contact center enables human agents to handle many customer conversations across multiple messaging channels, simultaneously. In this one-hour webinar recorded Feb. 14, 2024, CX Effect founder and CEO Andrew Pryfogle gets into Quiq with Mike Myer, founder and CEO; John Andersen; conversational architect, Michael Hartsog, customer growth and alliances leader; and Kat Garcia, director of member services for LOOP, a delighted Quiq customer.

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