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A Sense of the Whole

By Daniel Pryfogle Dec 22, 2022

Leaders see the big picture. That means seeing context, including historical forces, plus complexity. It also means seeing wholeness: connection, symbiosis, ecosystems.

How do we cultivate a sense of the whole? 

Climb a tree, for starters. That’s what Nalini Nadkarni did. What did she discover? Soil on branches. Gardens in the canopy. Life emerging above.

“It’s so weird because you’re sitting up there in the canopy like a hundred feet above the ground and then you’re digging your fingers into this soil that could be the soil that’s, you know, in your backyard garden, for goodness sake,” Nadkarni says in this Radiolab interview.

CX Effect cultivates a sense of the whole by using a systems framework in our conversations with leaders. The framework shows the connection between different stages of the customer journey and the opportunity for integration of technologies to make the experience for customers and employees delightful, purposeful, and memorable. The framework also helps leaders make decisions for the benefit of the entire enterprise. Rather than treating issues in isolation, they now see things in relationship, and they act accordingly.

If you want to work on the whole, let's schedule a call.

Daniel Pryfogle integrates the disciplines of leadership and culture formation, organizational development, and marketing. He is the CMO of CX Effect.

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