Location Automation

Value Proposition

Flip automates voice engagement with repetitive tier-1 customer inquiries so that agents can resolve more complex issues. 

Case Study

UNTUCKit is a fast-growing, innovative retailer, pushing the boundaries of style, comfort, and the customer experience with perfectly shaped untucked shirts. From the early days, UNTUCKit has been steadfast in its commitment to curate an amazing customer experience, with services like personalized fittings, shirt steaming, and whiskey tastings in every store, and of course a dedicated customer service team ready to answer any question a customer may have. Flip Customer Assistant played a key role in the success of UNTUCKit’s most recent peak season. Shortly after launch, UNTUCKit encountered an unexpected shipping delay, which further drove upcall volume. Flip’s new self-service option enabled UNTUCKit to continue focusing on new sales instead of calls about shipping delays.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do you offer phone support to customers, or want to offer customers a modern Alexa-like voice experience over the phone since its their channel of choice?
  2. Can customers only reach you during limited support hours, or are they struggling to reach you to resolve their issues?
  3. Is your support team crushed by the volume of inbound phone requests or struggling to handle seasonal or peak fluctuations?
  4. Are your human support agents overloaded dealing with repetitive tier-1 inquiries that you can automate?
  5. Are you overpaying for your current phone support, or seeking elite voice automation for your phone channel that can augment your human support team?
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