Location Automation

Value Proposition

Linc is a CX automation platform purpose-built for retail brands that is changing the conversation in commerce. Our award-winning AI powers an infinitely scalable digital workforce to provide real conversations that solve real problems for customers. Brands like PacSun, Farmacy Beauty, Carter’s OshKosh, and many others partner with Linc to deliver extraordinary experiences that span the customer lifecycle to deflect support costs, increase sales conversions, and grow revenue.

Case Study

PacSun faced a major challenge in alleviating the burden on its inundated contact centers. With call centers experiencing an influx of inquiries from complex order issues to make-good issues and pre-purchase assistance, the result was long wait times for issue resolution and low customer satisfaction. As Pacsun didn’t have the tech stack in place to automate resolutions for some essential use cases, it needed not just a chat tool but a complete platform that could shoulder tech stack complexities and fast track the company’s maturity in a self-service focused digital experience. PacSun chose Linc and, in weeks, was able to automate over 80% of all customer support inquiries.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What is your annual e-commerce revenue?
  2. Do you currently have a live chat solution?
  3. What are your top CX priorities?
  4. What processes do you have in place for pre- and post-purchase today?
  5. Which channels do you use to engage your customers?
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