Location Automation

Value Proposition

Replicant is a single platform to automate resolution of the most common customer services via phone, text, and chat, which frees up agents to focus on more complex conversations. Replicant enhances rather than replaces existing technology, such as IVR, CCaaS, CRM and telephony. Companies benefit from higher customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, elastic contact center capacity, and deeper unbiased insights into caller behaviors.

Case Study

OnProcess Technology (OPT) provides a service to help its customers recover hardware after a customer contract has ended. For example, when a customer’s contract ends with an internet provider, OPT is tasked with reaching out to that customer to recover the modems/routers that have been leased as part of the contract. Capacity issues plagued the contact center, affecting recovery rates. Agents were not able to make all of the necessary outbound calls or field all of the offered inbound calls. One month the company’s inbound abandonment rate was close to 60%. OPT partnered with Replicant to eliminate capacity issues in the contact center as well as increase the recovery rate of hardware for the company’s customers. The Replicant solution was implemented within three months, and by the fifth month OPT was already seeing dramatic results in its business:

  • 11% improvement in recovery rates
  • 500% increase in outbound call volume
  • 70% reduction in AHT
  • 35% net monthly savings
  • Reduced attrition and promotion of 40 agents who were freed up
  • Growth in new accounts with greater capacity

Questions to Determine Fit

  • Are you having workforce management issues, like trouble hiring and retaining enough agents to staff your call centers?
  • Are you experiencing longer than desired wait times in your call center?
  • Are your call volumes predictable or do you experience fluctuations in your volume?
  • Are you meeting your call center success metrics and desired CSAT scores?
  • What happens if you make zero changes to your call center? Are you prepared?
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