Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

XSELL melds the best of technology with human authenticity and knows how to learn and replicate the behaviors of the best agents, amplify them at scale to every agent, and drive game-changing outcomes.

Case Study

Prior to engaging XSELL, the client operated in a highly mature, competitive sales landscape and had been selling via chat for nearly 15 years. Results had recently plateaued, and the client was looking for a solution to drive growth. By deploying XSELL at scale across 2,000 employees, the company increased contribution margin by $130M, improved speed to proficiency by 20x, achieved a 17% conversion lift, and reduced agent attrition by 40%.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Is there a significant performance gap between your top- and bottom-performing agents?
  2. Are your agents handling sales or service-to-sales conversations?
  3. Are you focused on increasing sales conversion rate and average order value?
  4. Are you focused on improving CSAT or NPS?
  5. Does it take an extended period of time to bring your agents to a proficient level?


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