Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

Zingtree is an AI/GPT enabled Next Best Action CX platform for Agent Assist and Self-Service that automates your processes, workflows and knowledge. 

Case Study

Pearson faced the complexity of serving 160 million customers across 200 countries, each at different points on their learning and teaching journeys. With a diverse customer base including students, instructors, and professionals from various regions, each having unique needs, the challenge was multi-dimensional. Navigating numerous product and platform combinations, along with stringent processes and compliances, was overwhelming for agents, leading to lengthy training programs and costly errors.

Pearson's quest for an effective automation tool led them to Zingtree. What stands out in Pearson's journey with Zingtree is the ease with which they could build their agent and customer facing automation. The Pearson team, with no prior experience or training, were able to set up automation for their most complex process overnight.

Within just 8 months, Pearson observed significant improvements:

  • 60% NPS increase
  • 47% CSAT improvement
  • 33% faster agent ramp time
  • 24% reduction in case age average hours
  • 12% resolution rate increase

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How long does it take to onboard a new agent? How long until they become 100% efficient?
  2. Do agents and customers have to go to multiple systems to get answers for resolution?
  3. Are there compliance regulations that your employees have to follow?
  4. Do your agents have to follow complex and repetitive processes to solve the case?
  5. Do you customers avoid chat bots and faqs and contact the call center directly?

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