Location Automation

Value Proposition

Airkit is a digital CX automation platform that connects a business’ data systems to its customers in order to quickly deliver self-service journeys. Airkit offers the only low-code pla!orm purpose-built for customer engagement across all channels — web, voice, text, chat, and mobile.

Case Study

Until 2021, MetLife’s enrollment was done on paper. The company utilized 250 different forms that were specific to each state, beneficiary, pre-existing conditions, etc. After a 10-year process of attempting to identify a vendor that could fit its needs, MetLife selected Airkit to digitize 250 forms into one end-to-end process.

The multi-channel approach was a completely novel idea to MetLife, but the company realized it was a necessity to compete in the digital-first world that exists today. After digitizing its Statement of Health paper process, it saw 99% of submissions completed online instead of paper, 50% higher completion rates, and 0% NIGO (not in good order, which prior to Airkit was ~40%).

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What is your strategy to provide a mobile-first experience to your customers?
  2. How much of your onboarding process is still paper-based?
  3. How do you reduce hold times and abandonment rates?
  4. What engineering resources do you have for customer experience or do you work with developers?
  5. How are you thinking about transforming your customer experience for the digital-first world?
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