Location Automation

Value Proposition

Ada is a brand interaction platform that automates 30% of customer interactions to a website or channel in 30 days and up to 80% when fully implemented. It's enterprise-ready and integrates with CX and CCaaS platforms.

Case Study

Zoom experienced hyper-growth during the pandemic and scaled from 10M users to 300M users in a short time. The company needed an automated system to distinguish paying customers from trial customers so it could personalize the support given to each. In order to accomplish this, Zoom needed its ticketing solution integrated to identify customers coming onto the website.

Zoom implemented Ada in under 30 days and was able to take an automation-first approach with its customers. This resulted in saving sales agents 19,000 hours, reducing 25% of the time spent on qualifying leads and reducing 33% of live chat handle time.

When the world turned to Zoom, Zoom turned to Ada. The ROI realized was

  • Savings of over $41M a year
  • Increased revenue of $22.8M

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How many support tickets do you receive every month?
  2. Do your customers resolve support questions on your website or by calling support?
  3. Would your clients benefit from proactively engaging with their end-users to increase sales, reduce cart abandonment, and enhance CX?
  4. Do you want to increase customer self-service?
  5. Are customers dealing with long wait times to get in touch with support?
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