Location Automation

Value Proposition

Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence platform enables revenue teams to deliver seamless buying experiences that drive growth by using the best of digital and human touch, bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Case Study

About 50% of Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking’s leads come in over the phone. However, the marketing team didn’t have the right tracking in place to understand which campaigns were driving phone leads. This made it di!icult for them to optimize media spend. In addition, the marketing team wanted to ensure the sales team was e!ectively handling and converting its leads. A#er onboarding Invoca, the team could see how many phone leads their marketing programs were driving, in, addition to the clicks they were already tracking. They used this data to make smarter optimization decisions. As a result, they reduced their cost per lead by 70%. They also doubled the total number of leads their marketing drove. Marketing results: 70% decrease in cost per lead; 2x increase in lead volume. Sales Results: 23% improvement in call etiquette pass rate; 6x more likely to use scripted phrases. Bottom-line company results: 73% increase in revenue over three years.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Baseline: Do you leverage phone calls to close sales with prospective customers?
  2. Objective: Are you trying to improve the conversion rate in your contact center or optimize your marketing spend into the contact center?
  3. For Invoca for Contact Center: Are you currently using any sales coaching, call quality, and/or QA tools today? If so, which tools and how are you using them?
  4. Invoca for Marketing: Fielding phone calls can be expensive, so how do you ensure you are sending high-value calls?
  5. Measurement & Attribution: How are you tracking and measuring the efforts associated with your marketing and call center expenditures? How do you track what is working?
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