Location Automation

Value Proposition

Lily AI is the customer intent pla!orm built to power the present and future of ecommerce. We inject robust product attribute data and unique customer intent into the entire ecommerce stack.

Case Study

Bloomingdale’s sought to improve its product discovery by automating the product attribution process. The company recognized that it was now in a world where the customer’s success in finding the right product would be rooted in both the company’s understanding of its own product attributes and an ability to predict the customer’s intent. The company looked to set themselves up for increased conversion, larger order sizes and a future in which consumers return to the Bloomingdale’s e-commerce site repeatedly.

The company leveraged Lily AI’s consumer-focused tags to rapidly augment its on-site search, which resulted in a 9-digit lift in annual revenue in mere months. This is also enabling Bloomingdale’s to predict customer behaviors to help with supply chain management and demand forecasting.

“Thanks to Lily AI, our high-intent customers are now finding a lot more of interest for them to click into. We’re keeping them on our website longer, we’re taking them to the product page, and they’re conve!ing even more.” - Renee Paradise, SVP of Customer and Revenue Growth, Bloomingdale’s

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What are any initiatives you have to make it easier for customers to find products online and provide a more personalized experience?
  2. How are you using product data to aid in product discovery online?
  3. How many attributes per product do you have?
  4. How are you leveraging product data to improve demand prediction and allocation?
  5. How are you using customer data to aid in product discovery?
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