Location Automation

Value Proposition

Observe.AI is an Intelligent Workforce Pla!orm that transforms contact centers by embedding AI into customer conversations, optimizing agent performance and automating repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention.

Case Study

JK Moving Services is the largest independent moving company in North America. The firm needed a solution that would help it understand call drivers, reduce call handling times and improve how its moving consultants were meeting the needs of consumers. With the conversation intelligence from Observe.AI, the company was able to use insights to identify growth opportunities and coach its world-class sales team towards driving increased sales and profits. Armed with Observe.AI, JK Moving Services saw the following results:

  • 18% increased revenue in 30 days
  • 20% increase in sales talk track adoption
  • 52% increase in first call resolution

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Is CX a focus for your business?
  2. Do you record your contact center calls?
  3. How do you analyze the data coming out of your contact center?
  4. What do you do with the data from your contact center?
  5. Did you know your contact center can be a source of revenue for your business?
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