Location Automation

Value Proposition

Skit.ai is an augmented voice intelligence pla!orm that helps businesses modernize their contact centers and customer experience by automating and improving voice communications at scale.

Case Study

The third-largest private bank in India, Axis experienced steadily high inbound call volumes that put a strain on its human agents, contributing to declining service levels. With Skit.ai’s multilingual Voice AI pla!orm automating repetitive query types, Axis has been able to improve call resolution rates, streamline operations and enhance overall customer experience.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How big is the call center?
  2. What is the breakdown of inbound vs outbound calls?
  3. What are your call volumes per month and per year?
  4. What are your average handle time and containment rates?
  5. Do you already have automation in place? If so, where would you like to use automation next?
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