Location Conversation Analytics

Value Proposition

Tethr’s conversation intelligence platform analyzes call recordings, chat, sms and email interactions with customers to automate QA, identify customer sentiment and to improve customer strategy by reducing churn, reducing cost and increasing sales. Tethr is the only research backed platform that delivers automated insights from your customer’s conversations. 

Case Study

By implementing Tethr, Thrasio was able to go from auditing less than 3% of conversations to objectively auditing 100% of interactions across every customer service channel and surface insights in a CX dashboard. Thrasio is also using Tethr to uncover product issues and insights based on customer service phone calls, chat conversations, emails, Amazon reviews, and negative customer experience data sources. All of this led to Thrasio experiencing $260k in annual cost-savings based on increased QA efficiency and achieving an overall 89% CSAT score.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How are you performing QA today? What percentage of customer calls are reviewed by supervisors/QA?
  2. How are you able to measure behaviors and language that lead to higher conversion rates?
  3. What customer data are you using to measure/manage CX?                 
  4. What are the main drivers your customers are contacting you and what are you doing to address it?
  5. Are you currently recording calls? What channels do you currently support for your customers? (Chat, SMS, Email)
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