Location Conversation Analytics

Value Proposition

Tethr uses speech and text analytics and powers it with AI and machine learning to give organizations prescriptive insights into customer experience, sales conversion and agent performance out of the box.

Case Study

By utilizing Tethr’s recommendations for reducing customer effort and increasing the right agent behaviors, this company was able to reduce handle time — via reduced customer effort — and save money. In its first five months with Tethr, the company saved over $23,000 in contact center costs. Overall handle time on dfficult calls was reduced by 5.8% or roughly 32 seconds per call, resulting in an average of 54 cents saved per call. After implementation, the results were immediate. In the first 90-day sprint, call center pe!ormance improved drastically. Each area of focus often saw a 100% increase or more in just 30 days, and that improvement didn’t drop off after the sprint was over. In fact, leaders observed such striking changes that they began to utilize Tethr-based benchmarking and dashboarding in additional ways.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What percentage of customer calls are reviewed by supervisors/QA?
  2. How are you able to measure behaviors and language that lead to higher conversion rates?
  3. Other than surveys, what other data are you using to measure/manage CX?
  4. How are you using/applying interaction data today? (call recordings, chat sessions, etc.)
  5. Are you looking to improve access to data around digital experiences, sales, churn and loyalty?
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