Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

Balto unites agents with AI to enable better conversations that deliver results. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance enterprise solution to prevent missed sales opportunities, costly compliance mistakes, and negative customer experiences.

Case Study

Gonzaba Medical Group prides itself on being like family for its customers. That mission extends to a hardworking contact center, which handles everything from appointments with 65 different providers to medications, refills, and transportation arrangements. The sheer volume of information is impossible to memorize, and searching for answers leads to extended hold times. Gonzaba wanted to find a way to help its team members provide a high level of patient experience in every single phone call.

Enter Balto. The platform took Gonzaba’s agent playbook and married it with AI to provide real-time guidance to Gonzaba’s reps. With that support, team members knew what to say on every call. Gonzaba experienced a 60-second reduction in the average handle time and 89% call quality satisfaction in the first two months of using Balto.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. How many agents/reps?
  2. What is your so!phone/CCaaS system?
  3. Pain/challenges to achieve strategic and tactical goals in the contact center?
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