Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

Instantly unlock data, discover insights, empower agents, and enable action with an all-in-one on-demand platform built with the latest AI technology for enterprise contact centers.

Case Study

A client needed to stand up a 21K+ agent contact center in only eight weeks to address questions and concerns regarding a critical healthcare initiative. The customer selected Maximus as its BPO, which partnered with SuccessKPI for an end-to-end analytics solution to provide AI, machine learning, translation, and sentiment analysis across multiple channels. Maximus chose a blend of technologies that required SuccessKPI to integrate with Microsoft, Genesys Cloud, Twilio, Deltek and other applications at scale. The full solution, which required testing at scale, included end-to-end visibility into customer journeys, topics, themes, sentiment, effectiveness of IVR and agent empowerment through WFM. The results? The customer has handled hundreds of thousands of inquiries with a comprehensive end-to-end view of effectiveness, gained insights into root causes of calling, and has a full 360-view of the contact center. 

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What tool sets have you deployed to monitor the health and efficiency of your contact center?
  2. How do you measure agent productivity? What training or automation do you offer to augment agents' skill sets and align them to your contact center's needs?
  3. Have you thought about ways to increase quality control using AI/ML technologies?
  4. How do you partition your data today?
  5. How do you bring third-party data into your contact center to increase efficiency and improve customer experience?  


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