Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

AmplifAI is an AI-driven performance enablement platform for employee-centric enterprises, helping hybrid teams replicate their top performers to maximize business outcomes, boost productivity, and improve engagement. 

Case Study

The Home Depot faced challenges with customer satisfaction due to associates lacking expertise in products and problem-solving — expertise customers had come to expect. Additionally, the feedback process for associates was time-consuming, leaving little room for improvement. This led to a decline in frontline agents’ performance. To address these pain points, the company aimed to measure the impact of coaching sessions between supervisors and agents and identify behaviors that correlated with agent performance.

By implementing AmplifAI, the retailer achieved significant outcomes. Agent productivity increased by 4%, team leader productivity rose by 30%, and customer satisfaction improved by 20%. The most impressive result was the additional incremental annual revenue of $135 million. The success of this initiative was evident with more than 10,000 internal and BPO associates utilizing AmplifAI for their development and performance improvement.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Environment: Are you trying to improve agent performance by using manual processes across multiple systems that require analysis across different dashboards?
  2. Metrics: Do you measure your frontline teams against AHT, CSAT, revenue and cost savings?
  3. Pain: Do you struggle with inconsistent performance across sites, teams, and supervisors? Do you experience high attrition and declining performance on success metrics?
  4. Actions: Do your supervisors lack a process or system to prioritize tasks that drive the highest performance?
  5. Coaching Effectiveness: To what extent do you measure the effectiveness of supervisors?
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