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Value Proposition

Dashbot is an AI-powered platform that makes conversational data visible and actionable, enabling organizations to understand the customer journey across multiple channels, deploy smart chatbots, and extract insights at scale.

Case Study

In 2021, Dropbox launched a service chatbot to streamline requests. Dropbox partnered with Dashbot to overcome inefficiencies in manually analyzing the bot’s customer journey and limited visibility into business performance. This collaboration enabled Dropbox to prioritize areas for continued improvement and optimizing NLP model performance. In six months, Dropbox achieved a noteworthy 43% reduction in unhandled bot conversations while bot adoption skyrocketed 15x. Buoyed by this success and Dashbot’s design recommendations, Dropbox expedited the introduction of new use cases, including self-guided implementation and account management activities. Over the year, self-service for account upgrades tripled. Dropbox’s partnership with Dashbot drove significant advancements in service efficiency, improved customer experience, and revenue-generating digital automation.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Technology Strategy: How is chat (bot live and chatbots) integrated into your existing customer service processes? What business objectives are tied to these channels?
  2. Performance Metrics: What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you use to evaluate the success of your chatbot and live chat initiatives? Additionally, how do you monitor and adjust strategies based on these metrics?
  3. Adaptability to Customer Needs: How does your chatbot strategy adapt to changing customer preferences and evolving conversational trends?
  4. User Feedback Loop: What mechanisms do you have in place to collect and analyze user feedback from chat interactions? How is this feedback loop utilized to make continuous improvements to the chatbot and enhance the overall user experience?
  5. Cross-Channel Consistency: How do you ensure a consistent customer experience across various communication channels, including chat interfaces? What steps are taken to maintain coherence in messaging and service quality?
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