Location Automation

Value Proposition

IntelePeer simplifies automation so that organizations can quickly deploy AI-powered communications that improve customer experience, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Case Study

An American private insurance company experienced difficulties with collections, high cost/low availability of agents, and low-value use of agent time. IntelePeer implemented outbound automation with AI streamlined payment reminders to increase cash flow. The result was improved operations and efficiency, increased revenue generation, and accelerated scalability. Within the first 90 days of implementation, the company increased revenue by $2.3 million. Additional results include:

  • 22% decrease in self-service payments, freeing up agents’ time.

  • 24% increase in self-service payments.

  • Pipeline of new automation opportunities.

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. What is your roadmap for integrating AI into your customer communications? And how will you measure success?
  2. What simple, repetitive communication responsibilities would you like to offload?
  3. If you were a consumer contacting your company, what are some of the gaps you would call out about your customer experience?
  4. What technologies do you use to manage your contact center operations? How many contact center agents do you have? Do you use a BPO as well?
  5. What is your level of comfort with AI and what it can do for companies?
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