Location Conversational AI

Value Proposition

Quiq’s conversational CX platform helps reduce costs, improve CSAT and increase revenue by deploying AI assistants and a digital contact center powered by generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Case Study

Like many companies, the car insurance firm LOOP is struggling to keep service levels and quality high as it continues to grow. LOOP partnered with Quiq to improve upon its existing AI experience. The company’s previous generation NLU bot was limited to pre-canned, static answers that were manually built. This led to customer dissatisfaction and low self-service rates. Realizing the need for a more advanced solution, LOOP partnered with Quiq to build a next-generation LLM-powered AI assistant that excels at comprehending human language and understanding nuances in questions.

Unlike their predecessors, these advanced assistants no longer rely solely on recognizing a single intent and providing a fixed answer. Instead, the assistants offer personalized and contextually relevant responses to customer inquiries to streamline the customer journey for policy quotes, updates, and payments. The results? LOOP saw a 3x increase in self-service rates vs. the NLP/NLU bot and a 55% reduction in email tickets. “LOOP’s AI Assistant is changing our business by transforming how customers interact with us,” said John Henry, co-founder and co-CEO. “Now they can find trustworthy, personalized answers without having to pick up the phone, while still getting the LOOP brand experience.”

Questions to Determine Fit

  1. Do you need to reduce the number of customer interactions your contact center is handling?
  2. Do you have initiatives to automate all of the negative-value, redundant conversations your agents are having with customers?
  3. How will you achieve the customer service productivity objectives you’ve been given when you’re being asked to do more with less?
  4. Has your leadership asked you to incorporate AI into your people, process and technology strategy?
  5. If we were able to deliver a 50%-plus self-service rate to your customers, would that relieve the pressure currently on your call center and provide a better CSAT for your customers?
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