Location Agent Performance

Value Proposition

Level AI is a customer service intelligence platform for contact centers that optimizes agent performance by automating outdated workflows, identifying coachable moments, and delivering real-time insights to 100% of customer interactions across voice, email, SMS, and chat.

Case Study

The Boston-based point-of-sale system for restaurants averages 50,000 calls per month, with 80% by voice and 20% by chat. Toast had trouble identifying which calls to review and difficulty switching from platform to platform. On top of that, most QA teams are only able to review 1-2% of conversations. So, Toast’s data was unreliable. With Level AI, Toast solved these problems and more: it decreased average handling time and quickly identified the most important conversations for further QA review. Level AI gives Toast the ability to coach agents in real-time, drawing upon more accurate customer insights. Now Toast can automatically grade all agent conversations. And it can easily share reports generated by Level AI with the product team.

Questions to Determine Fit

What percentage of your calls are being audited right now? What are the most frequent reasons why your customers reach out to your contact center? What are you using to extract information from calls? Keyword matching? Transcriptions? Do you utilize contact center analytics software to assess QA and agent performance data? Can you cross-reference QA performance data with other conversational intelligence data points (e.g., topics)?

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