Location Automation

Value Proposition

Red Spot Interactive (RSI) is patient engagment software for medical practices that helps acquire, retain, and communicate with patients, with automated lead follow-up to convert more leads into paying patients and appointment scheduling to make things easier for patients.

Case Study

Fayetteville Plastic Surgery is a high-volume plastic surgery practice with two locations in North Carolina. With multiple providers, patient coordinators, and locations, the practice recognized a need for centralized communication to keep up with the growing practice and patient base. 

Prior to implementing RSI's patient relationship management tool, the staff of the Fayetteville Plastic Surgery didn’t have any way of knowing who was managing what. Each patient coordinator was receiving website inquiries, and the staff struggled with knowing which patients had been followed up with and which ones hadn’t. This caused two problems:

  • A group of patients wasn’t receiving follow-up communication because staff members assumed it had already been taken care of.
  • A different group of patients was getting overwhelmed with communication because patient coordinators were duplicating each other’s efforts.

Whether it was following up with leads to book their procedure of interest or appointment reminders to confirm attendance, the staff was running blind on their communication activities.

RSI gives the practice a much needed, centralized location to house and track all patient communication. All of the patient coordinators use RSI's communication center to monitor the communication activity of both new leads and existing patients. Whether a patient coordinator had a call, used two-way texting, or emailed a patient, the communication and the result of that communication would be logged in the communication history screens for all the coordinators to see. All coordinators and office managers can now easily see when the last communication occurred and which team member spoke with the patient. They can also see the current status of the communication effort. This includes if the lead was scheduled, needs a follow-up (and on which day), or if it is considered a dead lead.

Questions to Determine Fit

     Appointment Mangagment

  1. Who do you currently use for appointment confirmations? 
  2. What % of confirmations are you getting confirmed via technology vs manual touchpoints?
  3. What product do you currently use to allow patients to schedule online?
  4. What data are you collecting during the process that helps improve revenue at point or after scheduling?
  5. Have considered appointments that can reduce call volume while maintaining current schedule capacity what has come to mind? 

     Reputation Managment

  1. How do you make team members, locations, or the doctors aware of patient feedback after their appointments? 
  2. What automated process do you have in place to increase reviews?
  3. What other platforms would you like to increase reviews on but haven’t had success? 

     Life Cycle Marketing

  1. How do you currently deliver pre-appointment education to patients?
  2. How do you currently deliver post-appointment education/care instructions to patients?
  3. Are you aware of the average number of visits per year your patients visit your office? What is your plan to improve that number? 


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